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MessageSujet: Martin Stepanek   Martin Stepanek Icon_minitimeMar 2 Juin - 15:33

J'ai récupéré l'interview de Stepanek sur le forum de Cipa...

Here you go with the translation. I abbreviated it, removed some redundant questions, stripped it off the congratulations and other unimportant details. It also looks like he did not have sufficient time for answering all of the 56 questions. So in fact unfortunately more than half of them (including those of Jorg) remained unaswered.

Q: How do you compensate in the depth with a simple mask without a noseclip and/or hands.
A: I use quite normal Frenzel, and since I combine it with BTV, I do not need to pinch my nose

Q: Why don't you dive without a mask - you could certainly go much deeper, because in this way you lose more than a liter of the precious air for mask compensation?
A: I dive with a mask, because I still can :-)

Q: How do you explain you do not feel any narcosis symptoms? Other freedivers often have problems with the narcosis already at much smaller depths. Is it a predisposition, training, diet, or another special strategy?
A: There may be some predisposition, or the fact I worked as technical diver and learned how to block it. If you get used to it, and learn to focus on your task, it is rather easy to handle.

Q: Where do you think is the limit at CWT and CNF? Do you think we'll see 100m CNF?
A: I do not have the courage to guess the limits. Just like in other sports, the limits will go on moving. Perhaps not as fast as until now, but they will certainly do. You'll see -100m in CNF quite certainly, and I think it won't take long time :-)

Q: You look very well after your FIM record. Aren't you sorry you did not announce more - for example 115m?
A: I felt a reserve at both attempts, but I am not sorry not to try more, and do not think about it. I announced depth I knew I can handle, and that's what was important for me. If everything goes well, I'll try the 115m FIM next time.

Q: Do you plan some freediving course in Europe in the close future?
A: It depends whether there is sufficient demand. Usually I do it once a year, but if there is interest I'll be happy to do more of them. Please let us know at

Q: What max. depth do you think you could really do? Did already anyone accept the challenge and try to break your record?
A: I would not want to set some numerical limits, so I skip the answer. In any way, I'll train, and we'll see what I'll manage. Currently there is nobody who picked up the challenge and announced a new record attempt.

Q: Will you try to break some other freediving records, for example in statics?
A: Last seven years I specialize in depth, and think I'll stay at it

Q: At one of the video's a safetydiver mentioned the difference in equalization technique between you and Herbert, and I wondered what kind of technique you are using. Is it just the classic exhalation and Frenzel/BTV method, or is it a different approach?
A: I am sorry, I haven't seen the video so I don't know what exactly are you referring to. I use what I would describe as Frenzel/BTV method ... pretty much like anybody else who can do BTV. No secrets or special techniques. The key to deep diving (even with mask on) is a good flexibility and relaxation.

Q: Can I learn more about the sport somewhere?
A: The best way is to start training in a club, or do a course with a certified instructor. There are not too many books (note: Martin means especially Czech books), but do not trust too much the web: everyone is the world champion there. Have a look at, there is my Czech school too.

Q: Did you take part in some scientific research of freediving physiology in the last time? What questions are the most interesting for elite freedivers lately?
A: I'd tell I cooperate with physiologists continually. Personally I am most interested about the Swedish research of the spleen, and then I am trying to coordinate a group for the research, and support of research of DCS in freediving.

Q: Is there going to be a full video coverage of all the record attempts? Video coverage meaning the descend and ascend. Does Martin have any plans for a world tour clinic or program or of some sort?
A: I do not have answer for the video question since I don't know what is the whole video production project for this event. We have a lot of good quality footage though so I am sure there will be something interesting coming up soon. I teach regularly in USA on monthly basis and travel to other destination around the world as well. Check out the latest schedule on or contact my office for more info.

Q: What's your opinion on the tragedy of Audrey Mestre at her record attempt? Do you think it was only accident. How can it happen at all?
A: The primary reason was the incredible irresponsibility of the organizer. The tragedy could have been easily prevented.

Q: Where do you in fact live and train when we have no sea here in the Czech Rep.?
A: I travel a lot, but spend most of my time in Florida.

Q: You managed to hold your breath for over 8 minutes in static apnea. What does one feel at the end of such breath-hold?
A: The urge to breath :-) ... seriously, it is the same as for anyone else at shorter or longer times

Q: What do you see in the depth, in fact?
A: It depends what is there. In Egypt, the bottom was at 130-135m, so I saw corals, a barracuda, and some other fish

Q: Do you use meditations in your preparation?
A: I definitely spend some time in relaxation, visualization, and some other mental exercises, but am not sure whether I can call it meditation. I have no formal training in it.

Q: What about No Limits, isn't it tempting you too?
A: Not at all. It is not a challenge for me. The dive is not too long, so the breath-hold is not a limiting factor. You do not swim at it, so your technique and physical condition are irrelevant. And with flooded sinus you do not need to equalize. Simply it does not appear to be a sport discipline to me.

Q: What's the behavior of your body in the depth? What's your heart-rate, for example?
A: The lowest HR I had in rest was 7-10 bpm. When I am swimming in the depth, it is around 45 bpm - same as when I sleep

Q: In the depth of 122m, there must be terrible pressure. I tried to dive to 5m and I already felt pain and horrible pressure in ears. How comes your eardrums don't burst? Do you use some ear plugs?
A: No, just the proper equalizing technique. The tongue root works as a piston, that pressurizes air through the nasopharynx to the middle ear.

Q: Would you mind going back to those old rubber bifins, please?
A: :-))))))) As if it was not enough I still dive with a mask! With the rubber fins it would be of too big disgrace :-)

Q: I am looking for some instructions for freediving training. I already did a F.I.I. course with David Cani, but I can find any matrix for further improvements.
A: If you are looking for freediving specialized training, than consider a Level 3 course

Q: Martin, won't you try how far you manage to get the other direction, it means above the sea level?
A: As for now, the best was in an airplane :-) So around 10km

Q: A second question I had was related to decompression sickness. There is currently some debate on when this becomes an issue with extreme deep freediving. What counter measures have your team been taken to avoid DCS? Thank you in advance for your reply
A: sufficient surface intervals between deep dives and breathing O2 for several minutes after the target dive

et la vidéo...


Mais à quoi ça sert l'hiver ?
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MessageSujet: Re: Martin Stepanek   Martin Stepanek Icon_minitimeVen 5 Juin - 19:55

tu aurais pu le traduire !!!
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